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Dinner Before Dessert (or: a series of announcements)



When I was a little kid, I always ate my meals before my dessert. Not just when my parents were around, either: I was that weird kid that ate the bologna sandwich in her brown- bag lunch before she ate the apple her folks packed as a treat, you know what I mean? It's just part of my makeup: dinner before dessert. So let's start out with a little bit of less than awesome news: you guys, we're running low on Skinny Bugga. 


I know, right? I'm less than thrilled, too. Some slightly better news though: it's already on its way, and should be here late next week. We'll make an announcement as soon as it gets here. In the meantime, we've pulled the "dye to order" capacity for Skinny, so what's listed on the site is what we have on the shelves; if you order it, it'll ship right away, so that's a plus, right? (C'mon, I'm trying, here.)


It isn't a huge wait on the Skinny, though, so that's a goodness. I'm happy about that. As much as I dislike being out of anything, at least I know it's headed to the studio. 


Wait, I'm already starting to wrap this up---- but wasn't there mention of dessert?


We've been thinking: the studio is awfully close to the Maryland Sheep & Wool Fairgrounds in Friendship, MD, everyone. With so many friends in town that week, why not open up the studio the evening before the festival for a little pre- game get- together? At first it was just idle chatter around the studio--- maybe just letting a few folks that we knew stop by--- but then we thought, why not just fling open our doors? (This was mostly Beth and Sam, by the way. They're brilliant.) 


So, we're doing it! On Friday, May 2nd, we'll be having a MDS&W Pre- Game Party at Cephalopod Yarns. Our doors will be open from 4- 8:30pm to anyone who wants to stop in for fellowship, refreshments, and of course, yarn! You can find us at 1547B Ridgely St, Baltimore, MD, 21230. Most of us will be attending the festival itself, of course, but we're excited to have a chance to really see everyone individually, as well as to show folks what we've been up to here in the studio as we've been preparing the space to be a more public place. 


Let us know if there's anything specific you're looking for, if you'll be stopping by! I can't make any promises (that Skinny will be coming just in time!), but I can promise to try. At least it looks like we might get some good weather for the festival this year, folks. It's been Sweater Weather like you wouldn't believe in Maryland lately, for those who aren't local. I have very high hopes. 



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Doings Around The Studio!


Bugga, drying on the lines


Cacie and Thom have moved on to new adventures, and the studio feels emptier these days without them. There are Thom & Cacie shaped holes where they used to be, and to fill the space I’ve been working on what feels like half a million things. Change is always disconcerting- it throws everyone off their stride- but we have so much to do in order to get ready to open up for the public, and we’re trying to keep ourselves focused. It’s odd, though. After a life full of change and transitions, you’d think I’d get good at navigating them. I’m still so resistant to change.


We’ve started having our Knit Nights on Wednesday evenings, and that seems to be working out. It’s a goodness to have a little bit of time to just be in the studio, without working--- to actually relax and enjoy this place we’ve made! What an idea. Why didn’t we think of this before? We needed this just for us, I think. Cookies and tea and sitting in a space where I’m 100% not mopping my floors or chasing my dogs or tempted by my TV--- but also obligated not to work. HEY WHAT A TERRIFIC IDEA, YOU GUYS.


We’re looking to start up our stove rentals and dye classes later this month- I’ve gotten the studio rules written, along with the safety guidelines, and we’re working up class descriptions, etc, right now. It’s all this weird mixture of brainstorming, meetings, careful typing and an impending sense of WAIT WHAT WE’RE REALLY DOING THIS, SERIOUSLY, which is surreal. This is something I’ve wanted to do for a long time, and while it’s more than a little intimidating, we’re also really excited to get it off the ground. There’s this feeling in the studio that knowledge should be shared, and we’re always interested in building community.


I’ll let everyone know once we list classes and stove rental blocks, and if you’re on the website you’ll see the scheduling page go up, too. (The tab is already there, but we’re still sandboxing the software.)


Wish us luck! This will be a blast. And stop by some time. We’re having a lot of fun lately. 

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Custom Half Pounds of Traveller

The way we get our Traveller always leaves us with a large amount of remnants, and we usually save it up and do a big update of Oddities, which gives us a chance to experiment with new colorways and get people excited for one-time-only specials. This time, we're doing something even MORE special: on Wednesday, February 19th (10:30 AM ET) and again on Saturday, March 1st (12:30 PM ET), we're going to offer a limited quantity of custom half pounds of Traveller. 


These "half pounds" will average just over 9 ounces, so the price of each custom lot will be $52 (instead of $92 for 4 full-weight skeins). We will only list the number of half pounds we have on hand, and once they're gone, they're gone. Here's how it works: 


You place your order on the site and then send an email to me at with a photo (or multiple photos) and/or description of what you'd like. If the photo and/or description is ambiguous, we will give you our best interpretation. It will take us 1 - 2 weeks to get through each batch, and we will ship them out as they're finished. If you order more than one half pound, you can either request each one to be different (with different photos/descriptions) or you can request that they all be based on the same photo. 


PLEASE NOTE: we can't possibly keep track of all the recipes we're creating, so if you really like what we send you on the first order and want to order it again, well... we almost certainly won't be able to find the original recipe, so we'll have to start from scratch and there is no guarantee that the results will be similar enough to use in the same project. 


ANOTHER NOTE: All custom half pounds are final sale. We will not accept returns or exchanges. If you aren't happy with what you've received, you're more than welcome to try selling it or trading it on Ravelry, but we can't take it back in the studio. 

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News, news, news!

News, news, news!


Let me start off with what I know you don’t want to hear, because I’m dinner- before- dessertsort of girl: we have to raise the price on Skinny Bugga, folks. We’ve held off for a long time, but we just can’t put it off any longer. On March 1st, the new price on Skinny will move to $30.


I know. I’m not thrilled about it either, to be honest, but it’s necessary. We’ve been losing money on it for a little while now, and it just needs to happen. We have Skinny Bugga on the website, and we’ll have Skinny at STITCHES West  (21-23 February, booths 704- 708, in Santa Clara, CA, BTW) too, if you want to pick some up at the current price. A word of warning: we have Skinny Bugga now, but we aren’t taking any more dye- to- order requests at this time. (Current dye to order requests are just fine!)


Let me answer what we think might be some of the initial questions. The price on Bugga will stay the same- this isn’t about cashmere prices, thank goodness. (It’s actually about the price of wool.) To springboard off of that--- we aren’t raising the price of Traveller, either. This is just for Skinny. 


While I’m talking about Traveller, though: Traveller is coming back as Dye To Order next week, folks. NEXT WEEK! I’ll be so happy to have this back in stock. We’re facing Snowpocalypse 2.0 tomorrow, but we’re still anticipating our shipment showing up some time in the middle of next week, so keep an eye open; we’ll be making an announcement as soon as it shows.


We always bring a surfeit of goodies to make up for not- so- great- news, so here’s a little something extra: we’ll be dyeing up a storm of Freaks & Geeks this week---  your favorite misfits are coming back to cause trouble this Saturday at about 12:30 pm EST. Come on over and see if anyone strikes your fancy; we always seem to come up with something strange and beautiful when we just let loose and see what happens in the dyepots.


Be well, stay warm, and keep on making,



The Cephalopods



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Frequent Buyer Program

For those who don't already know, we are now offering a Frequent Buyer Program! On each new invoice you receive, you will find stamps on the bottom of the page; see instructions below to understand what they are and how they work.



Each skein of yarn you purchase will earn you one stamp corresponding with the type of yarn you purchased. Cut these stamps off of the bottom of your invoice and save them!

Mail 10 matching stamps back to us (i.e. 10 Traveller stamps, 10 Bugga stamps, etc.) and enclose a copy of youremail address, and as soon as we receive them we will email you a coupon code for the corresponding value of the specified yarn base. NOTE: your email address will ONLY be used for the purpose of sending you a coupon code; it will not be added to any lists. Here's where you should send your stamps:


Cephalopod Yarns
1547 Ridgely Street #B
Baltimore, MD 21230


Collect them, save them, trade them, what you do with them is up to you! This is the easiest way to earn free yarn, and it has the added benefit of feeling nostalgic for cereal box tops and mailing them back for a sweet, sweet Dick Tracy pencil case. AH, MEMORIES.

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Happy We Love Yarn Day!!

































Today only, between the hours of 10:30am and 3:30pm Eastern, we are offering custom dyeing in lots of four to celebrate We Love Yarn Day! Here's how it works:


Purchase your listing through our website, here.


1. Send an email with an inspiration photo to Be sure you include your name and order number, please! 


2. Hover semi- creepily around your mailbox for your yarn for a few days, confusing the mail delivery folks (and possibly your neighbors, too).


3. Receive unique- to- you yarn.






Have fun with it, and send in pictures of your dream colors! We want to see what you've been wishing, hoping, and dreaming about. 


PS: I probably don't need to say this, because you guys are super- rad and wouldn't ever do something like this, but just to be safe--- please do not send us pictures of any other dyers' work, okay? We wouldn't be happy or comfortable trying to lift someone else's colors- that's just poor form. Thanks! 


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We're having a trunk show at JP Knit & Stitch!

After a blissfully quiet month, it's about time for us to hit the road again. October, we are READY FOR YOU. And we are starting out with one of my favorite cities: Boston



Cephalopod Yarns is headed to Jamaica Plain this weekend! We'll be visiting JP Knit & Stitch for a trunk show this weekend, and I'll be in the shop on Sunday, October 6th, to hang out and talk about yarn, dyeing, and life in general if you want to come by. Our yarn will be in the shop all weekend, though, if you want to stop in and pay a visit to something soft and snuggly! Come on out and be a part of the Greater Boston Yarn Crawl!


Obviously this isn't the end of our October plans, but I don't want to get ahead of myself. I'm looking forward to a weekend in Boston, though, and hoping it's maybe just a wee bit chillier than it is here in Baltimore. Maybe? Please? Could we just pretend it's sweater weather already? Someone out there please tell me they are at least able to pull out their scarves lately. I need a little hope in the middle of out 80- degree autumn. 

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Hello, Schaumburg!!!


We are here, settled into the hotel, and I am VERY EXCITED. We showed up at vendor check- in yesterday afternoon, having gotten in a little earlier than anticipated, and realized we could set up on Wednesday. We decided to unload the van and set up racks early, which was SO VERY NICE. Knowing we don’t have to do all that before the Student Preview today? BLISS, my lovelies, that’s just BLISS. Today, all we need to do is set up yarn and fix the display. I mean, that’s a lot of work, but this is how a girl conserves her energy. It’s a great start!


Oh, and we are in the best location! BOOTH 214, across the path from Dragonfly Fibers, right next to Cooperative Press, just a few booths down from Carolina Homespun, a little bit down the way from The Fold--- it’s basically Hug Central up in here. I LOVE THIS SO MUCH, you guys.


I lived in Chicago years and years ago- back when my daughter was still in a stroller, which is such a funny thought now that she's 5'9". I've only ever passed through the Chicagoland area since then, which has made me sad--- I have a deep love for the mid- west, and I've always said that if I were to come back to living in the mid- west, Chicago would be where I would go, because I seem to need a large body of water. Being back here is good in this really fundamental manner, and fills me up in this joyful, glowing way. I woke up in our hotel room just plain happy--- not my standard oh hooray, it's show day sort of happy, but instead a richer, deeper sort of joy: it feels good and right to be here, right before our daughter heads off to college. It feels like coming full circle. 


So hello, Schaumburg. We're so happy to be here. Let's do this thing. 



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Extra Odd Oddities

 The next round of Oddities will be a little odder than usual. How, you ask? 

For those who don't already know, our usual Oddities are experiments for new colorways that serve multiple purposes: to keep things creative and exciting for all of us at CY (how terribly selfish!), to see what new colorways might be worth adding to our ever-changing line of Obsessions, and to use up remnants of Traveller. Traveller in particular comes to us in a way that leaves us with sizable leftover skeins; not quite enough for a full-weight, full-price skein, but plenty for a slightly-underweight-yet-still-desireable skein. Typically, we create these Oddities with the idea that we might need to make them again in the future, so recipes are carefully written down and set aside for safe keeping. 

This time around, we have some Traveller remnants, but we also have some Bugga and Skinny Bugga to throw into the mix. Some ofTHESE skeins will be full weight and full price, but they are well and truly odd. When I say "odd," I mean they are not reproduceable, no recipe exists, and whatever we have of them is the last you'll ever see. The reason for this is that sometimes we'll dye some yarn and something will go awry - maybe we missed a step of color, maybe we added an extra step that wasn't supposed to be there, maybe the steps were done in the wrong order, or Mercury was in retrograde or a mysterious time traveler showed up in a blue box and and Bob's your uncle and the skeins turned out completely different than they were supposed to. In short, who knows what happened - we sure don't. But they're beautiful and they deserve loving homes and why not put them on the website so someone will find their perfect yarn companion to take home and turn into something beautiful? 

Exactly. We thought it was a good idea, too. 

This Saturday, July 27th 2013, at 12:30 PM Eastern Time, we will list all these glories new Oddities. Keep an eye out for that special someyarn so you can give it a loving forever home and give us room on our shelves for new Odd Orphans for some future update. 

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we have a BOX OF KITTENS in the studio, folks

 That's right, you heard me: there is a BOX OF KITTENS in the studio right now. Lisa is taking care of four kittens, roughly three weeks old. They still need hand- feeding every few hours, so they can't be away from her yet. She's our resident Dr. Doolittle, Lisa is. And so every day, she brings in this amazing box of kittens, and they hang out in the office, where there is air conditioning. 

In case you were wondering, this is a bit what that is like. 

We're become productive again, but when they showed up on Friday, it was pretty epically distracting. Thom's wife took her lunch break in the studio for "Kitten Therapy" and to be honest, I think "Kitten Therapy" was the theme of the day for all of us. We'd spent a lot of time and energy stressing over getting everything EXACTLY RIGHT for the the Open House, and a Box Of Kittens what exactly what the doctor ordered for everyone. I'll be sad to see them grow up and head off to real cat lives in real cat homes (by the way, a few of these kittens are still looking for homes, hint hint, hit us up if you want more info!) but until then, it's nice to have some on- site Kitten Therapy for everyone. 

(And no worries about allergies! They only visit in the office, away from all the yarn.)

That's the news here at Cephalopod Yarns. What's new in your world?

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