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The details on Club Kraken!

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We just finished getting the listings up on the website--- everything is all set and good to go for tomorrow. After much debate, we decided to go with a single- skein option for Club Kraken. (Did I mention we are calling our first yarn club Club Kraken? We are. Hooray!!!)

There were a few reasons we decided to go this way: while we’ve run larger clubs while part of SG, that was over a year ago, and we had more staff then. We’d like to run a tighter ship and make sure that runs smoothly first, before we do anything larger. This set- up also allows more individuals to get in the club, and that makes us happy--- and we hope that makes you happy, too! We don’t like running on the “you just can’t get this unless you beg, borrow, or wait by your computer refreshing like a madman” model, and as we increase in popularity, we have to get more and more creative to avoid that.

If this goes well, we have plans for more clubs in the future, too!

Okay, here’s the nitty- gritty:

Club Kraken --- We’re offering three- month subscriptions of Bugga, with one skein per month. Each subscription will include exclusive club colors which will be reserved for a minimum of one year. Club members also reserve the right to order custom sweater lots of club colorways in other bases for six months once the club has concluded. Club members will also receive a digital copy of a unique pattern with each shipment, too.

Club members will be able to choose from one of four colorway families. Good luck- I still don’t know which one I’d choose!!

Not- So- Neutrals: These skeins aren’t the dull, dun color of your first apartment walls--- these neutrals are smoky greys, chocolate browns, creaky rusts, sweet creams; the colors found in stone, metal and wood. We don’t think neutrals need to be uninspired; we find them mysterious and serene. Although each color in this collection will be unique, existing colors in our collection that we could consider Not- So- Neutrals would be Bess Beetle, Montauk Monster, Killer Bee, Grey Scalloped Bar Butterfly, Moon Jelly, and maybe even Horseshoe Crab.

Narwhallie’s Delight: Rainbows and unicorn manes, variegation galore, truly unique and brilliantly explosive colorways will be featured in this collection. This is not for the weak of heart- these yarns are highly playful, very bright colors! Although each color in this collection will be unique, existing colors in our collection that we could consider similar to Narwhallie’s Delight include Mantis Shrimp, Hawaiian Bobtail Squid, and possibly Splendour Beetle.

Cephalopod Surprise: The option for the truly adventurous--- let us shock you! We’ll create something special each month just for this bold group. This is the place for those who possess either a deep faith in the Squidlets or the desire to head out into the great unknown. Either way, let us take you on an adventure! Each color in this collection will be unique--- and existing colors in our collection that we could consider similar to Cephalopod Surprise include… well, anything and everything, folks. :)

Pseudo- solids: Sweetly sliding, gradual shifts of color in a single skein; semi- solids are the subtle, sultry sirens of the yarn world. These yarns reveal themselves to you gradually, as you work; they do not announce themselves upon arrival, but instead quietly glow. Although each color in this collection will be unique, existing colors in our collection that we could consider similar to the Semi- Solids include Blue Lobster, Copper Demoiselle, Nebraska Conehead, and Strawberry Crab.

The three big questions:

Club Kraken goes for sale on Wednesday, January 30th at approximately 10:30 am Eastern, and will stay on the website until the COB on the 6th of February or they sell out, whichever comes first! (COB is roughly 5pm for us, but we will warn folks if we need to leave early that day!)

Shipments will go out in the last weeks of February, March and April.

Clubs will cost $96 whether domestic or international. Our website will determine shipping and will charge appropriately for each area.



I feel like I just threw a ton of information at everyone. I'm really, really excited to start this- it's an exciting new way for us to play with colors and to interact with our customers. If this is received well, it'll be the beginning of a new set of games and experiences for us, and we're really, really looking forward to it! 

By Sarah Eyre   2 Comments


08 March 2013

It would be great fun and very informative for future decisions in Club Kraken for Cephalopod Yarns to create a Club Kraken page on the web-site. I would love to see the yarns produced in each of the colorway families.

PS—I love the 1st color in pseudo-solids!


29 January 2013

After the club are people free to order from any of the color selections/families or only from whichever family they originally chose?

Do the orders have to be sweater quantity of just one colorway or can it be mix and match of colorways?

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