we have a BOX OF KITTENS in the studio, folks

 That's right, you heard me: there is a BOX OF KITTENS in the studio right now. Lisa is taking care of four kittens, roughly three weeks old. They still need hand- feeding every few hours, so they can't be away from her yet. She's our resident Dr. Doolittle, Lisa is. And so every day, she brings in this amazing box of kittens, and they hang out in the office, where there is air conditioning. 

In case you were wondering, this is a bit what that is like. 

We're become productive again, but when they showed up on Friday, it was pretty epically distracting. Thom's wife took her lunch break in the studio for "Kitten Therapy" and to be honest, I think "Kitten Therapy" was the theme of the day for all of us. We'd spent a lot of time and energy stressing over getting everything EXACTLY RIGHT for the the Open House, and a Box Of Kittens what exactly what the doctor ordered for everyone. I'll be sad to see them grow up and head off to real cat lives in real cat homes (by the way, a few of these kittens are still looking for homes, hint hint, hit us up if you want more info!) but until then, it's nice to have some on- site Kitten Therapy for everyone. 

(And no worries about allergies! They only visit in the office, away from all the yarn.)

That's the news here at Cephalopod Yarns. What's new in your world?

By Sarah Eyre   3 Comments


16 July 2013

Brenda & Vivian, it’s so lovely having these kittens in the office! I have to admit, it IS a little distracting, but in a totally lovely way- no matter how frustrated I get with this heat wave we’re going through, or how large the workload is right now, there are teeny tiny KITTENS. I keep taking little mini- videos and pictures of them to show our friends. They’re just wonderful.

Vivian Louise

15 July 2013

My own personal kitten is now scurrying back and forth chasing after I don’t even know. I can only imagine the wonderful a box of kittens brings. Sweet, sweet kittens.


15 July 2013

Oh my GOSH. I wouldn’t even pretend to try to work with a box of kittens on the premises. Adoooorable.

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