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Extra Odd Oddities

 The next round of Oddities will be a little odder than usual. How, you ask? 

For those who don't already know, our usual Oddities are experiments for new colorways that serve multiple purposes: to keep things creative and exciting for all of us at CY (how terribly selfish!), to see what new colorways might be worth adding to our ever-changing line of Obsessions, and to use up remnants of Traveller. Traveller in particular comes to us in a way that leaves us with sizable leftover skeins; not quite enough for a full-weight, full-price skein, but plenty for a slightly-underweight-yet-still-desireable skein. Typically, we create these Oddities with the idea that we might need to make them again in the future, so recipes are carefully written down and set aside for safe keeping. 

This time around, we have some Traveller remnants, but we also have some Bugga and Skinny Bugga to throw into the mix. Some ofTHESE skeins will be full weight and full price, but they are well and truly odd. When I say "odd," I mean they are not reproduceable, no recipe exists, and whatever we have of them is the last you'll ever see. The reason for this is that sometimes we'll dye some yarn and something will go awry - maybe we missed a step of color, maybe we added an extra step that wasn't supposed to be there, maybe the steps were done in the wrong order, or Mercury was in retrograde or a mysterious time traveler showed up in a blue box and and Bob's your uncle and the skeins turned out completely different than they were supposed to. In short, who knows what happened - we sure don't. But they're beautiful and they deserve loving homes and why not put them on the website so someone will find their perfect yarn companion to take home and turn into something beautiful? 

Exactly. We thought it was a good idea, too. 

This Saturday, July 27th 2013, at 12:30 PM Eastern Time, we will list all these glories new Oddities. Keep an eye out for that special someyarn so you can give it a loving forever home and give us room on our shelves for new Odd Orphans for some future update. 

By Acacia Sears   1 Comment

Susan Barr

25 July 2013

I can’t wait!! I love Oddities AND Orphans!

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