Located in Baltimore, Maryland, Cephalopod Yarns originally began as the Baltimore studio of The Sanguine Gryphon. When that company closed in late 2011, Cephalopod Yarns opened its doors with all of the original staff and a few new faces.

Sarah Eyre

Ravelry: onmytiptoes


Sarah is one of the owners of Cephalopod Yarns. A dyer, designer, writer and teacher, she is also a terrible banjo player and a part- time cat herder. She occasionally writes for xoJane and formally considers herself a Professional Dilettante.

Sam Taylor

Ravelry: Shmuleek

Xbox Live: Shmuleek

PSN Name: Shmuleek

Sam is one of the owners of Cephalopod Yarns. He can usually be found exploring foreign realms in an RPG, mocking people's lack of zombie survival skills in the movies, or in the local comic shop working on building his collection. He is an aspiring glass artist. He is also not very creative when it comes to user names.

Acacia Sears

Ravelry: cacie


Cacie runs around like a crazy person a lot. In her non-working hours, she plays music as a sort-of professional singer-songwriter. She produced a solo album called "Dialtones" which you can get on iTunes or Amazon, and she's working on a second album with her band right now. Her husband Jeremy (affectionately known as "Auggie") owns Alliance Comics, a comic shop in Baltimore, MD. Cacie's favorite color is coral, but she will probably tell you it's red because no one likes orangey-pink, NO ONE.


Ravelry: GordianSister



Lisa is a dyer and yarn wrangler at Cephalopod Yarns. Outside of her work at Cephalopod Yarns, Lisa, (aka Trinket) is a variety performer, urban gardener, and feral cat rescuer. If you ever want to stalk her, she can frequently be found working with the Cheeky Monkey Sideshow and at the Maryland Renaissance Festival.


Ravelry: Narwhallie

Hallie is a dyer and the Dye Floor Manager at Cephalopod Yarns. She is the inventor of the unihippopoctaplatytatomocktapusticorn. She likes rabbits more than humans, and her favorite color is rainbow.


Thom was a dyer and a yarn wrangler at Cephalopod Yarns. He is also clearly an insane person, with a website at http://thomwinters.com where there are drawings (365 of them) and comics about a frog, a bunny, and the uncreation of the universe.


Ravelry: MurderousMoppets

Beth is the studio manager at Cephalopod Yarns. A few years back she made a giant squid out of felt, so obviously she was destined to have this job. In her free time she enjoys sewing, baking, and making fake cacti that will eventually overtake her apartment. We're not sure her husband is okay with this, but we're also not sure he has any say in the matter...






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